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Julie Johnson, M. Ed

co-FOUNDER, executive director, Community Educator

Julie is a trauma-informed special education teacher, artist and community educator in St. Louis, MO. She's been working in Ferguson for nearly eight years in a variety of educational positions, but has been a Teacher of the Visually Impaired for nine years. In her time working in Ferguson and North County, as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and within homes and schools, she noticed how high the instances of poverty, childhood trauma, and overall toxic stress were among the families and students she served. After watching how deep the toxic stress was embedded into the daily lives of her students and their families throughout many years, she wanted to come up with a way to offer the gift of yoga that was culturally and physically acceptable to her students. Julie was passionate that yoga could provide students with healing tools that could empower them to seek healthy options of coping with toxic stress. Now in it's third year of existence, Fit Abilities continues to support students with visual impairments in North St. Louis County and beyond by teaching students yoga as a source of self-regulation and co-regulation. The support extends itself in day to day school routines, after school activities, and connects students' families to safe professionals that understand the impact trauma plays on them and their families.

In the midst of creating the Fit Abilities Universally Yoga Program in the fall of 2015, Julie also helped create the St. Louis Trauma-Informed Network (Integrate!), after realizing there was a large need for professionals serving clients and students in communities with high amounts of trauma. The network allows its members to connect and share resources across transdisciplinary lines on a grass roots level. Additionally, the space aims to be a place to share resources and connect trauma survivors to appropriate professionals, aide in their healing, and connect professionals to each other to help support their caseload.

Since the Fall of 2015, Julie has completed over 64 hours of continuing education hours of teaching trauma-informed yoga to youth through Street Yoga and Yoga Ed. In November of 2018 she completed 20 Hours of Training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, She is passionate about embedding trauma-informed yoga practices into her daily professional practice as a special education teacher.


Victoria Emanuela, MS, CYT

co-founder, Program Director, Brand manager


Victoria Emanuela is a former professional counselor and currently a trauma-informed meditation teacher, mind-body resiliency coach, and community educator. She has extensive training in trauma-informed care, mindfulness, and is passionate about building complimentary healing resources for survivors with complex trauma. One of her priorities is to make The Healing Arts practical and accessible in a way that merges the holistic insights and science behind their foundations, especially in current research. Victoria strongly believes that complementary healing modalities must fulfill a trauma-smart approach that are accessible, inclusive, and provide dynamic options for survivors. Victoria is the former owner/founder of Modern Healer Wellness Studio located in St. Louis, Missouri. She now lives in Oakland, California, where she’s expanding Integrate! Trauma-Informed Network’s platform, as a co-founder of the network. Victoria currently works with survivors of childhood trauma through workshops, trainings, and her private clientele. She is the co-founder of On Being in Your Body.


Anu French, MD, FAAP ABOIM

Integrative Pediatrician, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics at Depaul; Research Based Trauma-Informed Healing for INTEGRATE


Anu is Fellowship trained and Board Certified in Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine, Anu has been in primary pediatric practice for twenty one years. With a special interest in trauma informed care for childhood mental health and obesity management, her integrative approach emphasizes the powerful triad of child-family-provider, makes use of all appropriate evidence based therapies addressing nutrition, sleep, behavior, mental health, environmental toxins, the mind-body connection, whole body healing systems, herbs, botanicals and supplements. 

She is passionate about building resilience for her family and her patients and creating and sharing resources though Lotus Creations where she offers her meditative music, healing art, children's book and global advocacy. She is grateful to empower all journeys, individual communal and global, towards wholeness and wellness.   


Candice Cox, LCSW

Integrate Community collaborator, KHOAS Training and Mental Health Educator

For more than 10 years, Candice Cox has provided licensed clinical counseling and consulting services to children and families in both the Rural Arkansas and Saint Louis Metropolitan Areas. Cox provides these services in a variety of settings including office, school, and in-home. In 2012, she began her own private practice, A&A Inspirations, psychotherapy services for children and families for individual and group settings. In 2014, Candice Cox founded KHAOS, Inc. (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) program which works in schools and community centers to address the lack of social and emotional coping skills offered in home and community centers to address the lack of social and emotional coping skills offered in home and educational environments. She created a multifaceted curriculum with a student workbook and journal to assist youth and their families with processing their social and emotional development during and after each session.

Cox vehemently believes in the power of helping and supporting people. She specializes her focus on children and families. She works tirelessly with community organizations such as Mers Goodwill, YWCA, Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis, Ferguson Florissant, Hazelwood and Parkway School Districts, Saint Louis Public Schools, Provident ASAP Afterschool Program, and the Department of Mental Health, just to name a few. Civically, she is a member of the Brentwood and Northwest Chambers of Commerce, Ferguson 1000, Business Women Connecting, SisterKeeperSTL, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Recognizing that conflict, communication, and parenting struggles can feel overwhelming without adequate support, Cox provides comprehensive client-centered interventions. Cox uses innovative, experiential and strength-based treatment modalities to change the focus from being labeled to living beyond labels. As a published author, Cox’s book Please Oh Please Be Patient With Me serves as an outline to help children who struggle with ADHD in school and at home. Her goal with every client that she encounters is to facilitate their full empowerment and self-sufficiency, as only they are the experts of their lives. Cox tries earnestly to be a catalyst in the lives of others to propel and keep them moving forward through her clinical work and as a national speaker and trainer. Her motto is, life happens but that doesn't mean it has to stop as we all have the ability to Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles.


Meghan Jendusa

Integrate Community collaborator and Public Policy

As a native of St. Louis, Meghan Jendusa has spent years learning about and working to reduce the economic and social disparities that exist in urban communities.  She worked with urban youth in St. Louis Public Schools and University City school district for three years, in early education classrooms and at the administrative level, where she helped with the initial implementation and management of the Missouri A+ Program at SLPS.  Following her undergraduate studies Meghan participated in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs where she worked for a number of agencies in the St. Louis community including Great Circle, the City of Brentwood, U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation, and the St. Louis Regional Health Commission, where she helped to found Alive and Well STL. Following the Coro Fellows Program she continued her education in public policy at the graduate level, then returned to St. Louis to develop a local initiative to reduce disproportionate minority contact in the 22nd Circuit Court, Juvenile Division. Meghan manages a pilot school program entitled, Closing the School to Prison Pipeline: Shut it Down, where she supports educators at seven SLPS elementary schools learn about the intersections of race, bias, and trauma in our education system, as well as build skills and strategies for supporting minority students succeed.

Meghan is a 2012 graduate of Saint Louis University where she earned a B.A. in Urban Affairs and Political Science.  She holds a Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


Carrie Burnett, LMT


Integrate Community Collaborator and Healing Arts Educator 

Carrie Burnett is a Licensed Massage Therapist, coach, speaker, childbirth educator, and lactation counselor who is training to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. In her private practice in St. Louis, she utilizes Brain-Based Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing to facilitate and encourage the healing potential within the mind and body of trauma victims. When there is trauma, the body often holds some of our stories, but it will also tell these stories if we can learn to listen; this is one of the main objectives of Carrie’s practice. Carrie also studies Psychology at Webster University and is involved in conducting research on the topic of trauma-informed care, where she studies the impact of Aces (advisers childhood experiences) for touching professions in the healing arts. Carrie is passionate about creating safe environments for all people and helping to better understand how bodyworkers can empower their clients.


Gladys Smith, PsyD, LPC, RYT

Integrate Community Collaborator and Trauma Therapist

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Gladys Smith is a psychotherapist, trauma professional, and addictions therapist. She is a registered yoga teacher and soon to be certified yoga therapist. She began her journey as a trauma therapist serving as an addictions counselor in the United States navy in 1991. Gladys was a Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate from 1999 to 2016 for the Navy and retired with 27 years of service; 14 active duty and 13 in the Reserves as a medic, addictions counselor, and trainer. She has volunteered for the YWCA Sexual Assault in St. Louis for many years, where she’s worked with traumatized women as a crisis response. Gladys completed a Doctorate in Psychology from California Southern University in 2015 with a focus of clinical trauma services. She’s had a private practice in mental health since 2008 and focuses on treating trauma while using the integration of trauma focused yoga with clients. She received training as a facilitator for Alive & Well and facilitates trauma awareness, resilience, and trauma-informed workshops in the St. Louis area for schools and private businesses. Gladys currently teaches trauma-focused yoga on Webster University’s campus to clients who have experienced trauma of any kind on a weekly basis (confidential closed group). She currently serves as a psychotherapist and campus confidential resource in Title IX cases at Washington University’s medical school in St. Louis.


Natalie Coriell, LPC, ATR-BC

Integrate Community Collaborator and Art Therapy Educator


Natalie Coriell is a trauma-informed Licensed Counselor (LPC) and board certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) as well as an EMDR trained therapist. Natalie runs a private practice, Connecting The Dots, that focuses on teens and young adults. Natalie specializes in group and individual therapy with at-risk youth. Natalie is active in community arts and believes in the power of community for teens to grow through traumas of life and thrive as they move forward.