Gabby Golach is a Chiropractic Medicine Student at Logan Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. She has been learning quite a bit about how chiropractic medicine can be added to a person's healing toolbox. In this video, Integrate Network Founder, Julie Johnson, interviews Gabby about the bodywork she has been studying in chiropractic medicine and how it benefits individuals who have experienced psychological trauma and emotional suffering.

Reita Johnston, Trauma Informed Coach and Reiki Practitioner shares her trauma smart strategies on caring for ourselves when going through transition and change. You can read more about her services at

Natasha Baebler, owner and founder of UDYoga explains why learning to allow students to fail and teaching them the resiliency skills they need to rise out of their challenges is the best yoga we can teach children with disabilities as parents and teachers.

Using the book "Trauma Stewardship" as a framework for this talk, Los Angeles based Trauma Informed Social Worker, Kaleigh Cornelison-Stanovsky gives self-care sstrategies for human services providers to center themselves to be better stewards of compassion in trauma informed care.

Integrate Program Director, Victoria Emanuela interviews Integrate! founder Julie Johnson, public educator, artist and activist. The conversation hits on topics around the future of Integrate! Trauma Informed Network, the Fit Abilities Yoga Program, healthy female to relationships, the "Me Too" movement t and more.

Seattle Based Reita Johnston, Trauma Informed Life Coach and Reiki practitioner shares her insights and strategies for human service providers on how to address concepts of change and transition for clients. You can check out more of Reita Johnston's work at

Seattle based Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, workshop facilitator, writer and the founder of Power House Coaching is on our YouTube Channel today sharing the basics of Trauma Informed Reiki. You can read more about her work at:

Integrate Network Founder, Julie Johnson interviews Victoria Emanuela, Program Director of Integrate. Read more about Victoria below: Victoria Emanuela is a writer, certified life coach, licensed professional counselor, holistic therapist, founder of Moment Box, yoga/meditation teacher, program director Integrate Trauma-informed Network and co-founder of On Being in Your Body.

Los Angeles Based, Kaleigh Cornelison, MSW shares insight and information on signs of compassion fatigue or trauma response exposure among trauma stewards. These tips are based from the book "Trauma Stewardship" by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.

Los Angeles based Kaleigh Cornelison, MSW shares strategies on how to bring trauma informed care into ALL youth serving places. You can read more about Kaleigh and her work at: Links that Kaleigh refers to in FB Live: Empathy: SAMSHA's Guide on Trauma Informed Practices:

Julie Johnson, M. Ed, TVI, ATS and founder of Integrate Trauma Informed Network shares ideas on how yoga helps students get into a safe and social space for her students with Visual Impairments.

Julie Johnson, M. Ed, TVI ATS and founder of Integrate Network discusses how Steven Porges's Polyvagal Theory can be used in understanding the behaviors of our students.

Julie Johnson, M. Ed, TVI, ATS and blogger at shares her pedadogy on what Universal Design for Learn means for all learners and how Trauma Informed Teaching encompassed in that teaching philosophy .

Beth Sarver, Artist, Mindful Schools Curriculum Coordinator and Trauma informed Interplay Leader in Kansas City, MO shares her insights on the paradigm shift on viewing challenging behaviors she sees in her position. She shares some stories on working with students in the Resilience Room that she has created to address de-esculation and reconnect with some of her students.

Beth Sarver, Artist Educator, Mindful Schools Curriculum Leader and Trauma Informed Interplay leader based outside of Kansas City, MO gives her insights on her top Brain Based De-Esculation techniques she has used with her students in Kansas City, MO. You can read more about Beth at

Kelly Caul MSW LCSW shares her insights on what makes trauma informed psychotherapy an emotionally safe space for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Kelly Caul, MSW, LCSW of Empowered Therapy, LLC discusses the importance of parenting with Consciousness, Compassion and Connection and the importance of being in touch with our own feelings in order to allow our children to feel safe experiencing their emotions.

FB Live hosted by Dr. Meagan Corrado, creator of the Storiez trauma narrative intervention.

Kelly Caul, MSW, LCSW of Empowered Therapy LLC in St. Louis, MO, lays out the importance of trauma informed psychotherapy for families, girls and women. She specifically highlights the importance of facilitating opportunities for adolescent girls to reconnect to their truest nature within her groups in her scope of practice.

Candice Cox, LCSW discusses how KHAOS Mindset (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) looks for parenting. This is also we at Integrate call "Trauma Informed Parenting."

Candice Cox, LCSW and founder of Khaos Inc. shares the basics of KHAOS (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) Mindset for parents, healing professionals and teachers. The break down is that unless we are in touch with our own struggles and working towards our own healing, we can end up hurting the clients we are trying to raise and teach unintentionally.

St. Louis based therapist, Natalie N. Coriell, Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). "Additionally, I am a trained EMDR therapist. Under a trauma-focused lens, I offer workshops, supervision and art therapy consulting services. I collaborate with organizations to create specialized workshops that address agency program needs.

In this video, Carrie discusses 1.-The difference between being a trauma advocate and having training to work with trauma 2. -integrating other modalities, to make the treatment more accessible 3. Before the initial treatment establish protocol 4.

Carrie Burnett of TruBirth shares part 2 of her series on Trauma Informed Massage. In this segment she focuses on the basics of Compassionate Touch.

Carrie Burnett, Trauma Informed Massage Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner In Training and Child Birth Educator shares about the importance of Self-Care for Massage Therapists. You can find out more about Carrie's services at

Candice Cox, LCSW and founder of the not-for-profit KHAOS, Inc, (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) shares her approach for teachers, parents and community leaders to address holistic and trauma informed best practices for addressing discipline issues in chlidren. Candice also offers strategies for emotional healing for caregivers as well.

Candice Cox, LCSW and founder of the not-for-profit KHAOS, Inc, (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) shares her approach for teachers, parents and community leaders to address holistic and trauma informed best practices for addressing discipline issues in chlidren. Candice also offers strategies for emotional healing for caregivers as well.

A School Based Yoga Program for students with Visual Impairments in the Ferguson Florissant in St. Louis County, MO. You can read more about us at In this Yoga in Schools Live Video chat, Julie discusses: -The elements of Universal Design that make Fit Abilities Yoga so phyiscally and socially/emotionally students with visual impairments and social emotional challenges -Elements of emotional safety between staff members and students.

Julie Johnson. coordinator and Co-Creator of the Fit Abilities program in the Ferguson Florissant School District, universally designed yoga program for children with visual impairments.